Apartment occupancy rates and rental rates are up throughout Texas markets, according to ALN Apartment Data. Not surprisingly, with the growing shift from home ownership to rental, rent is going up.  Credit constrictions making it more difficult for potential home buyers to get financing are pushing more and more people into the rental market.  It appears to me that this marks the onset to true inflation across the country.  Couple this with the lowest interet rates in many years and a relatively soft real estate selling market makes this a great time to buy a home.

Also, rising fuel cost makes it important to carefully consider the advantages of closer to work and play.

January 2011
Change from
January 2010
Effective Rent,
January 2011
Change from
January 2010
Austin 93.6% up 5.1% $838 up 6.5% 
Dallas 90.4% up 4.2% $773 up 2.5%
Fort Worth 89.2% up 3.6% $675 up 2.2%
Houston 87.3% up 2.9% $747 up 0.3%
San Antonio 90.5% up 3.4% $704 up 2.7%
Lubbock 92.8% up 3.1% $623 up 2.2%
Amarillo 91.7% up 3% $596 up 1.4%
Abilene 92.8% up 2.1% $588 up 1.3%
Corpus Christi 91.6% up 3% $696 up 3.1%
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