Platform estimates property values up to 1 year in advance By Inman News Inman News™ February 04, 2011 Real estate data company Altos Research has created an analytics-based valuation platform that forecasts home value changes three, six, or 12 months in advance, according to the company. The AltosEvaluate Forward Valuation Modeling (FVM) platform will formally launch Monday at the American Securitization Forum 2011 in Orlando, Fla. The platform takes into account real-time local market conditions to predict future property values. “Although traditional valuations have been based on lagging transaction prices, the active market of properties is a key indicator for where property values are heading,” the company said in a product brochure. The platform considers such indicators as days on market, inventory, demand, price changes, home price indices, and transaction data. The FVM’s intended users include anyone who seeks estimates on how much a property will be worth in the future, including asset managers, REO managers, mortgage originators, and service providers, the company said. “With … the FVM technology, you learn how much to discount, or increase, an asset’s value in the coming year — and adjust your bids accordingly,” said Michael Simonsen, CEO of Altos Research, in a statement.

Louis: Too many external and uncontrollable factors for this to be foolproof….although I haven’t had the opportunity to review the program yet.   It stands to reason that by considering many different factors, you can come up with a good assumption of what might occur.  None the less in the end it will require a fair degree of LUCK to hit it dead on.

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