Louis Rogers’ Texas Fishing 2016

Tip #1: Consider scheduling the time to fish as you do any other appointment. Fishing can be an outstanding hobby, but you have to be there.  Tip #2:  Be sure your equipment is matched to the task, and handy.  We get out of the boat and make a long wade down a shoreline. We each catch our best-ever Speckled Trout and we don’t have a camera with us. Not willing to leave the bite, or to string the fish… it all becomes another fish story. Also, if the equipment is supposed to keep you dry or warm or the sun off your neck be sure it does….and keep it handy so when you need it, it’s there.   Tip #3: Stick with what you know is right.  If the signs are there, give it some time and fish “around the edges”.  Don’t be too quick to pickup and leave.  Could be your best fish ever is right under your nose.  Tip #4: Rig it right the first time..and keep it simple.  Don’t get too caught up in totting around so much gear or switching lures all the time. Pay attention to your surroundings – vary your retrieves. More than likely when the bite is on your “go to” lure is going to do the trick.  It’s all about finding the right fish at the right time and it takes ….PERSEVERANCE.

Texas Fishing “Reports”:My Fishing Journal 1997-Present  chilli3.gif (197 bytes) Do guides provide accurate reports? Does anyone who catches fish? Not as specific as you might like. You need a history, a guide, and some good luck.  Thanks to those of you that take the time to share your thoughts and experiences. Here are reviews of products I use. 

Texas Fishing “Condo on the Laguna Madre”: P4130024.JPG (65031 bytes)

2 bedroom, 2 bath condo on Padre Island.  View the Laguna Madre, JFK Causeway and Packery Channel from the living room and decks. Keep your boat in the water at the dock out back and have direct Gulf access. Fisherman’s dream – Family vacation, all in one.  Call or email me 512-217-6197 for rates and availability. Click here for more information, maps, and pictures.

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