Home Exchange (move-up, over, or down)

There are many reasons move-up or even to trade homes:

  • wanting your kids to attend different schools or districts
  • being closer to friends or relatives
  • being closer to important destinations (work or enjoyment)
  • needing a larger home
  • wanting a smaller or more affordable home
  • retirement

…the list goes on and on. But you can bet that you aren’t the first or last to embark on this adventure of a lifetime. If you already own a home, but need to make a transition into another home within the Austin or surrounding area you have found the right REALTOR.

Timing is everything.  We can help you organize this process, identifying the right location and the right home for you to transition to, and timing the marketing and sale of your existing home. Orchestrating this process is quite an achievement, one that we’ve been through ourselves, with family, friends and many happy and loyal clients.  We can make this a reasonable undertaking.

Also, we can save you thousands of dollars and make sure that the entire transaction is, if not completely seamless, as stress-free as humanly possible.  Depending on our involvement in your new property search, negotiation, and purchase, it is possible to save money plus get the service and representation that you expect and need.

Are you asking yourself; Why make this transition now? Anytime you make a move within a similar geographical location it is simply a transfer of equity rather than a loss or gain.  The market will bear out any differences you might feel there are because you still “own” and are developing equity in the Austin area.


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