When is the time to buy (or trade) real estate in Austin?  Answer….when you are able to accomplish this.  Especially if you are renting..as soon as possible. 

We have a lot of important information regarding investing, rehabilitating distressed properties, buying a new home from a builder or a existing resale property.  Have done this ourselves, and assisted many other owner occupants and investors.  Rehabilitating a distressed home is an excellent way for an energetic and industrious person to make a wonderful home to live in for years, or to begin an investment portfolio and start a business that will cash-flow and produce equity.  Some of us want a new home or condo, or even a renovated home that is in an established neighborhood.

Location is paramount. Even the specific location within a neighborhood can have an impact on your personal enjoyment of the property as well as the rate of appreciation.  It can also affect the ability to lease or sell in a buyers market. We have information and access to the vast majority of available properties, and, we are continuously canvassing areas and gathering information on a variety of new developments and home builders.

Recently rental occupancy and rental rates have gone up dramatically.  Tighter lending standards and various other individual economic situations created a glut of tenants…in the near future this will bode well for investors and be rough for tenants.  Don’t be lulled into thinking that there really is no reason to own Austin real estate.

Everyone knows that interest rates are at historic lows.

If you currently own a home, but are considering making a move, this will be the most important venture (adventure) you’re going to make in the future.

  • Home Exchange (move-up, over, or down) When you already own a home, but need to make a transition into another home within the same geographical location.  A variety of reasons such as wanting your kids to change of schools or districts, being closer to friends or relatives, being closer to important destinations (healthcare, employment or enjoyment), a larger home or even a smaller more affordable home, etc.  Timing is also important.  We can help you organize this process, identifying the right location for you, then the right home.. and then timing the marketing and sale of your existing home. Orchestrating this process is quite an achievement, and one that we’ve been through ourselves, as well as with family and friends and many happy and loyal clients.  We can make this transition as smooth as possible and a reasonable undertaking.  Depending on our involvement in your new property search, negotiation and purchase we can save you thousands of dollars and make sure that the entire transaction is, if not completely seamless, is as stress free as humanly possible.
  • Are you asking yourself; Why make this transition in a sellers market? Anytime you make a move within a similar geographical location it is simply a movement of equity rather than a loss or gain.  The market will bear out any differences because you “own” and are developing equity in the Austin area.


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