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Here we are in the midst of an international pandemic. I do not have words for this.  Feeling so badly for all those ill affected and yet so grateful for those of us that are not.

Apple’s new campus in north Austin continues to move forward.

Tesla has confirmed picking the central Texas sight as the location for its newest plant.

Message: In 1968, Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were assassinated, the H3N2 virus had killed more than 100,000 Americans, civil rights and the Vietnam war inflamed protests and riots across many cities in our nation, and North Vietnam had just launched the Tet Offensive. In Q1 of that year, the economy took a nosedive, only to rally by 24% in Q2. Proof that the markets have never had emotion, caring, or empathy.
Many economists are beginning to consider 1968 as they predict how 2020 will advance for America.  If you consider the stock markets as any sort of indicator, they have risen beyond levels attained earlier in this year.  Although unemployment in some sectors continues to be a problem, the rate unexpectedly decreased and provided further catalyst to at least temporarily push the markets to all-time record levels.
Austin Real Estate Market Update: Currently a “sellers” market with less than a month inventory in almost all regional market segments. The “FOMO” Fear of Missing Out is unrivaled. Remarkably, they picked up that term in Australia as that market is also seeing demand outbound available inventory.  In fact the developed world is experiencing similar real estate markets. Unparalleled in my lifetime!!  So property values continue to increase.  This trend is likely to continue throughout 2021, and, as I mentioned before, is not unique to just central Texas.  Some pressure will be relieved by new home construction, but materials inventory and labor remain tight.


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